Tantric Massage

What it is

The modern daily life can be draining and there's nothing better than to be able to relax and recover your strength with a warm and personal touch. The Tantric Massage is undoubtedly the most complete technique because it combines bodywork, mental healing and a sensual experience. It's an effective option to relax, enjoy your time, recover your vitality and, in addition to self-care, also improves external relationships. Try this exquisite experience and allow yourself to waves of pleasure throughout the massage.

What to expect

When you get to Nuru Spa you will be mesmerized since the entrance by its unique and beautifully designed atmosphere. We have great attention to details because we believe Tantra is a process to be felt from beginning to end. Once in your luxurious room, you`ll have the opportunity to take a relaxing shower before and after the massage. The whole ambience is prepared for you. Meditative music, candles and scents that will enhance this intimate moment and deeply immerse you in the universe of sensuality. During the massage you will feel completely detached from your daily reality and the masseuse will solely concentrate in awaken your senses with tantric touches, breathing and her entire body. Expect no less than to be physically and mentally refreshed and all tension taken away from your body after the session.

This is an experience that you will never regret.


Lingam and Yoni

Tantric massage is a holistic practice that goes beyond sex and orgasm, it’s a whole journey to pleasure involving body, mind and spirit.


Therefore, when our professional masseuses give a Lingam or Yoni massage (respectively Sanskrit words for penis and vagina) the aim is to please our clients with delicate yet enchanting tantric touches and allow them to feel more comfortable with their own bodies and what feels good for them.


Moreover, be prepared for a whole range of new feelings and sensations you never felt before.